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The Journey


Piper Joy
19 August 1976
i'm an apprentice pipefitter. as my father before me. and his father before him. (and two uncles, but who really cares about that) (and, incidently, my great grandmother [mother of "his father before him"] was a secretary to one of the big mucky-mucks in the union hall years ago.) if you don't know what a pipefitter is, check out www.pf597.org, or just read my journal.

i decided to start a journal to keep track of what i'm learning, where i'm working, things like that. i did not start a journal to talk about my personal life (tho sometimes that creeps in a bit), post naked pictures of myself or anyone else (you wish!), or create drama. if you want those things, link to my friends page. ;)

before i became a pipefitter, i was a girl, a boy, an androgyne, an artist, a seamstress, a teacher, an administrative assistant, a receptionist, a babysitter, an Old Navy sales associate, a Cutco knife salesperson, a twin, a daughter, a UPS loader, an in-home caregiver for two elderly women, the frontperson of a band called Read the Tire (that's /red/), a collator, an AmeriCorps volunteer, an actress, a christian (namely presbyterian), an atheist, an agnostic, a wife, a spinster, a lover, a mentee, a mentor, an assistant program director for a non-profit, a success, a failure. some of these titles still apply.